Answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I order the JAMBMASTER®?

The Jambmaster® Jig is sold directly by the manufacturer, Trig Industries Inc. To purchase, please contact us at
Trig Industries Inc.
Toll Free Phone: 1 888 483 1221
Cell: (780) 995-2538
Email: info@jambmaster.com
See the Pricing page for more information.

What sizes of doors can the JAMBMASTER® be used on?

The standard JAMBMASTER® can be used on any width of door from 24” to 72” with optional width extensions for wider openings. The standard JAMBMASTER® can do doors up to 8 feet tall. An optional height extension package expands the standard JAMBMASTER® Jig for doors up to 10 feet tall. Width changes in 1" increments are done with a simple quick adjust mechanism. Non-standard widths that do not fall on 1" increments are done with a quick change to the fine adjustment system.

Can non-standard door widths be done with the JAMBMASTER®?

Any door width from 24” to 72” may be done with the standard JAMBMASTER®. Optional width extensions are available for wider openings. For doors that do not fall on the 1” increments of the JAMBMASTER®’s quick adjustment system, the fine adjustment screw may be utilized.

Can tall or short doors be done with the JAMBMASTER®?

The upright sections of the JAMBMASTER® have been designed so that the templates and spreader bars may be positioned anywhere along the uprights. In the case of a short door, the templates can be slid closer together and the top spreader bar slid down the upright to fit within the opening. The uprights are on the face of the wall so as long as there is approximately 80” ceiling room for the uprights, the JAMBMASTER® can still be used. In the case of a tall door, the top spreader bar and top templates may be removed. The top spreader bar can then be installed below the top templates so that the templates are at the very top of the uprights. This puts the top templates at approximately 80” which helps to do tall doors. Also included with a standard JAMBMASTER® is a 10" height extension for a total height of 90", which is the configuration for an 8' door. Optional 34" height extensions, which are used for doors up to 10' tall, are available for additional cost.

Can additional router templates be added or removed?

Additional templates may be installed or templates may be removed from the vertical uprights. The templates may also be placed anywhere along the uprights. As shipped, the JAMBMASTER® is supplied with five left router templates and five right router templates. This allows for the jamb to be supported at five points on each side of the door opening. In most installations this is more than adequate and gives more support than a typical shimmed installation.

Can the JAMBMASTER® be used on pre-hung doors?

The JAMBMASTER® is used to prepare the door opening. It may be used to prepare the opening for any type of door. Most prehung doors are consistently manufactured and work very well with the JAMBMASTER®.

Can the JAMBMASTER® be used for windows?

The JAMBMASTER® cannot be used for windows. Windows are typically not shimmed or wedged into place but are simply hung from a flange around the outside of the window.

Can screws be used to install the door jamb?

Any method may be used to install the door jamb in the opening once the JAMBMASTER® is removed. The JAMBMASTER® simply prepares the opening.

How quickly can the blocks be trimmed after gluing?

Using a standard hot glue gun and standard glue, the blocks can typically be routed immediately after gluing all 10 blocks. Our recommendation is to glue all of the wood blocks into position for the entire opening. By the time the last block is glued into position, the first one is ready to be routered. Doing this there is no need to wait between gluing and routing. If a block is to be removed, typically, the wood trimmer studs give way instead of the glue. Demonstrations of the JAMBMASTER® are approximately 7 minutes long from starting to place the JAMBMASTER® in the opening to having the door hung. There is no time to wait for glue to dry. (And yes, that is 7 minutes in an opening with very twisted trimmer studs and which is also out of plumb.)

Where do I get the blocks from?

The blocks which are trimmed can be any scrap material including plywood. The material is simply cut into appropriate sizes for use with the JAMBMASTER®.

What if the walls at the bottom of the opening are out of alignment?

Major framing problems such as the walls being out of alignment are dealt with in traditional manners. The JAMBMASTER® can still be used and makes dealing with many problems easier.

Can the JAMBMASTER® be used to install the hinges?

The JAMBMASTER® is used to prepare the door opening only. There are many jigs currently available for installing the door butts and hinges.

Is it easily portable?

The JAMBMASTER® is very quick to disassemble and re-assemble for transport from site to site. By loosening the four bolts in the corners of the jig, the jig can be collapsed into four pieces. The two long upright pieces are clipped together to form a rigid “ladder” assembly and the upper and lower spreader bars are latched onto the interlocked uprights. The whole unit can then easily be carried in one hand. For further details and pictures look at the end of the “Assembly Instructions” section of this site.

How long does it take to install a door frame?

Demonstrations of the JAMBMASTER® are approximately 7 minutes long from starting to place the JAMBMASTER® in the opening to having the door hung. And yes, that is 7 minutes in an opening with very twisted trimmer studs and which is also out of plumb. Typically, the first installation will take the average person (not an experienced carpenter but someone familiar with the use of a glue gun and router with template guide) 15 to 20 minutes. After that, within a few doors it is usually down to under 10 minutes. Typical twisted trimmer studs and out of plumb openings have no effect on the time.

It looks expensive, how much is it?

The JAMBMASTER® is not as expensive as it looks. Pricing is comparable to a good hinge jig. With the quality and time savings resulting from the use of the JAMBMASTER®, it can typically pay off for the average finishing carpenter in a couple of houses. For current pricing, visit the pricing page.

Where is the JAMBMASTER® manufactured?

The JAMBMASTER® is currently manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by Trig Industries Inc. Contact information for Trig Industries Inc. can be found in the “Contact Information” section of this site.